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Course Outline

Anatomy and Biology of Bone Grafts
• Indications / Application of Bone Grafting Techniques
• Interactive CT with Direct Clinical Application
• Tissue Engineering: Clinical Relevance
• Hard Tissue Ridge Augmentation
• Autogenous Mandibular Block Grafting
• Sinus Grafting
• Ridge Expansion
• Mesh/Particulate Bone Grafts: Autogenous vs. Allograft vs. Xenograft
• Bioactive Modifiers - PRGF, PRF, PDGF, BMP-2

Anatomy and Biology of Specific Soft Tissue Grafts
• Epithelialized Palatal Free Graft (FGG)
• Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft (CTG)
• Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)
• Lateral Pedicle Grafts (LPG)
• Semi-Lunar Grafts (SLG)
• Papilla Grafting
• Inlay/Onlay Soft Tissue Grafting for Pontic Sites
• 1st and 2nd Stage Implant Soft Tissue Procedures
• Pre Bone Graft Soft Tissue Augmentation

Harvesting / Grafting / Suturing
• Indications / Applications
• Armamentarium
• Step by Step Techniques
• Surgical Stents and Biological Glues
• Selecting the Correct Treatment Approach

Vertical Bone Augmentation Therapies
• Orthodontic Extrusion
• GBR with Titanium Membranes
• Mesh/Particulate/Bioactive Modifiers with emphasis on BMP-2
• Onlay Block Grafting

Esthetic Zone Reconstruction: The Management of Hopeless Teeth
• Interactive CT Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Extraction Site Treatments
• Orthodontic Considerations
• New Extraction Techniques
• Alveolar Ridge Preservation and Augmentation
• Pontic Site Development
• Simultaneous vs. Delayed Implant Placement
• Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting: Staged vs.Simultaneous
• Ridge Expansion
• 3D Ridge Augmentation

The Role of Biologic Modifiers
• PRGF, rhPDGF, PRF, rhBMP-2 and Related Growth Factors

Bisphosphonate Therapy and Bone Grafting

Smile Design and Considerations: The 10 Steps to Esthetic Zone Reconstruction
• Esthetic Evaluation
• Interactive CT Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Additive vs. Resective Therapies
• Crown Lengthening vs. Simple Gingivectomy
• Radiosurgery vs. Lasers
• Root Coverage vs. Ridge Augmentation
• Teeth vs. Pontic vs. Implants and the Role of Bone Sounding
• Prognostic Indicators Based on Clinical Research

Case Reports and Treatment Planning Strategies

Problem Solving…The How To’s

Complications of Soft and Hard Tissue Grafting

Patient Management Issues

Questions & Answers


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