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Sunday, June 11, 2017 8 am - 12 pm (Separate Registration is Required)
Optional Program: Limited Attendance Hands-On Training
Tuition: $995 US


Hard Tissue Regenerative Strategies: Mesh Particulate, Ridge Split and Sinus Grafting with Dr. Michael A. Pikos (8am - 12pm)


This unique clinically based hands-on technique course will draw on the speaker’s 32 year experience with bone grafting, and will feature three distinct and valuable mini lecture/ hands-on bone grafting protocols:


1. Titanium mesh and PTFE membrane particulate grafting

2. Ridge splitting with immediate and delayed implant placement

3. The Pikos membrane repair protocol for large and totally perforated maxillary sinuses.

Flap design, soft tissue management and comprehensive site development will be covered, along with a sequential CBCT and clinical evaluation protocol for all grafting modalities.


•  To learn the application of titanium mesh and titanium reinforced PTFE membranes with particulate grafting for alveolar ridge augmentation.

•  To learn the surgical protocol of ridge splitting with immediate and delayed implant placement.

• To learn the surgical protocol of the Pikos membrane repair technique for large and totally perforated sinus membranes.


Critical Soft Tissue Techniques: A Hands-On Course by Dr. Maurice A. Salama (8am - 12pm)

Part and parcel of a thorough dental evaluation today is determining the gingival phenotype of the individual. Thickness of the gingiva, zone of attached tissue, and tissue color all play important roles in developing the long-term health and esthetics in dental treatment of any kind. The exact determination of the location of the underlying bone acts as a prognostic indicator of future soft tissue levels.

Soft tissue grafting techniques, new regenerative materials and bioactivators will be highlighted. The expanding role of allograft materials (Alloderm, Dermis, Pericardium) and when to utilize them will be suggested. The ability of these combined protocols to alter the soft tissue profile around natural teeth, implants, and edentulous ridges, as well as to support facial soft tissue structures, will be reviewed as to their critical role in “Complete Esthetics”.

This hands-on course will highlight the three most utilized soft tissue procedures in clinical practice, the socket graft, ridge augmentation, Palatal CTG Harvest and the “tunnel” root coverage procedures. It will teach in detail and simplify the process of site evaluation, critical anatomy, flap design, harvest techniques and suturing.


•  To learn basic Surgical Anatomy, Incisions and Tunnel Techniques in Soft Tissue Surgery.

•  To apply three commonly used soft tissue grafting techniques in clinical practice.

•  To learn critically important modified suturing methods to secure flaps and grafts.



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